The Stocked Fridge, Quality Catering and Meal Assembly in Merrimack NH

About Us

Established in 2006, The Stocked Fridge is Southern New Hampshire’s original meal preparation service.

The Stocked Fridge is owned independently, not a franchise which allows us to work with local vendors and be able to get the freshest food available.  It also allows us to quickly respond to customer’s needs and wants.  Merrimack resident, Chris Kachmar researched the prepared meal service industry, on a quest for the perfect meal solution business. The result was The Stocked Fridge; a culinary haven for those with busy schedules yet want to eat nutritiously.

Meal preparation services is a burgeoning industry across the country, catering to busy families where one or bothparents work and professionals or individuals looking for fast, easy and healthful meal delivery solutions. Even as schedules become increasingly demanding, there is a renewed focus on the value of family meals. Similar businesses throughout the U.S. are thriving as the service allows families, couples and singles to enjoy a wholesome meal with less stress and more relaxation.

The Stocked Fridge clients have a variety of entrees to choose from each month. Additionally, caters corporate and private events in Southern NH/Northern MA.

"The beauty of this service is three-fold," explains owner Chris Kachmar. "It saves time because we do all the planning, shopping, prepping and clean-up. It likely will save on the grocery and restaurant budget. And, it will save your waistline by facilitating more healthful, balanced meals."

With three children, Chris became interested in The Stocked Fridge concept for her own family.  Chris Kachmar is the classic mom-on-the-go and says "at the end of the day, I want time to sit down with my family and enjoy downtime instead of multi-tasking all the way through dinner....The Stocked Fridge is one significant step toward simplifying your day."

The Stocked Fridge is located 704 Milford Road, on Rt. 101A (across from Pennichuck Sq) in Merrimack NH.