The Stocked Fridge, Quality Catering and Meal Assembly in Merrimack NH

Menu Options

Each month, The Stocked Fridge offers a variety of healthy, mouth-watering entrées.  Each entrée is designed to serve either 4-6 (full size) or 2-3 (half size) people.

The Stocked Fridge makes food preparation easy and fun by:

Shopping and planning: We shop for the freshest ingredients of top quality meats, seafood, and produce available. We use healthy oils such as olive and canola, and herbs and spices to suit your taste. We then develop a menu of entrées changing twice a month.

Preparing: Our culinary staff slices, dices, prepares the ingredients, and finally assembles the entrees you’ve selected.

Cleaning Up: You leave the mess at The Stocked Fridge because we clean up for you and you take home a bunch of meals for your family!